Added conspicuous design prizes:


To learn more about a particular Prize, checkout the link below.

Student PrizePackage PrizeClothing PrizeYachts Prize
Interdisciplinary PrizePerfect PrizeHow to Make PrizeAmerican Prize
Fashion Goods PrizeNational Awards PrizeExpostitions PrizeStreet Furniture Prize
School of Design PrizeCollege of Design PrizeWonderful PrizeGreatest Products Prize
Indicator of Good Design PrizeChildrens' Products PrizeAdvertisement PrizeFestivals Prize
Top Designers PrizeTop Design PrizeProfessional Designers' PrizeChoice of Security Prize
Meta PrizeMarine Vessels PrizeEntertainment Products PrizeOutranking Prize
Architectural Projects PrizeBaby Products PrizeTableware PrizeMedical Goods Prize
Tradeshow PrizeOrange Goods PrizeRed Goods PrizeDictionary Prize
WorldsBest PrizeMathematics and Nature PrizeElectronic Goods PrizeExhibit Prize
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